The easier and best way Trekking Rinjani via Sembalun village in east Lombok. Climb mount Rinjani from Sembalun village to crater rim, summit 3726 meters above sea level, lake and hot spring on Mount Rinjani National Park usually done in 3 days or more.

trekking rinjani via sembalun

On Segara Anak Lake

Climb Rinjani mountain on Lombok island or Trekking Mount Rinjani through Sembalun village is the best choice for those who want to climb the peak of Rinjani 3,726 meters and can continue the trek down to the Segara Anak lake and return to Sembalun or continue the adventure to Pelawangan Senaru and down to the village of Senaru North Lombok or to Pelawangan Timbanuh then climb to the 2nd summit of mt Rinjani 3,500 meters, then down to Timbanuh village in East Lombok.

Packages Trekking Rinjani via Sembalun village :

  •  One day to the summit of Mount Rinjani.
  •  2 days / 1 night to the top of Rinjani return Sembalun.
  •  3 Days / 2 Nights to the summit, Lake, Senaru crater rim and finish at Senaru village.
  •  4 Days / 3 Nights to the summit, Lake, Senaru crater rim and finish at Senaru village.
  •  5 Days / 4 Nights to peaks, lake, new volcano ( Gunung Baru Jari ), crater rim Timbanuh, 2nd summit and finish at Timbanuh village.

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Short descriptions

A. One day to the summit of Mount Rinjani:

This program is especially for climbers who are experienced and have excellent physical ability, being able to walk up and down for 12 hours a day, starting from Sembalun usually at 00:00 midnight and heading straight to Pelawangan Sembalun, summit and back to Sembalun.

trekking rinjani

View on crater rim Sembalun, full with tents

B. Trekking Rinjani 2 days 1 night to pelawangan Sembalun and Rinjani summit :

Program 2 days 1 night to Pelawangan Sembalun and Rinjani peak for those who have excellent physical ability and is capable to walk up and down for 9 hours a day. Start from Sembalun village 1,100 meters asl directly towards to crater rim (Pelawangan) Sembalun at an altitude of 2,639 meters above sea level and camping here. On the second day at 3:00 am start to the summit of Rinjani then return to Pelawangan and straight down towards the village of Sembalun.

hot spring

Hot spring near the lake

C. Trekking Mount Rinjani 3 days 2 nights summit, Lake, crater rim Senaru:

The program is the most chosen by trekker due to visit all the attractions in Mount Rinjani within 3 days. Start from the village of Sembalun straight to Pelawangan Sembalun, the second day climb to the top, down to the lake, bathing in hot water and then camp on the edge of the lake or hike directly to Pelawangan Senaru and camp here. Day three straight down towards the village of Senaru.
This program requires excellent physical to be able to walk up and down for 3 days with an average daily for 8.5 hours.

hot spring water

Hot healing water in slope new volcano

D. Trekking Mt Rinjani 4 days 3 nights summit, lake and crater rim (Pelawangan) Senaru:

This program is the most popular due to visit all the attractions in Mount Rinjani and the travel time for 4 days can enjoy the beauty of Mount Rinjani. The program you will overnights in pelawngan Sembalun, lake and Crater rim Senaru then down to the village with an average walk time per day 6 hours and is suitable for beginner trekkers.

trekking mount rinjani

View from base camp near new volcano

E. Climb Mount Rinjani 5 days 4 nights, summit, lake, new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari), crater rim Timbanuh:

This program is a new program that gives a lot of challenges and more experience compared to other programs in the mountain rinjani because besides you climb to the top of Rinjani, bathing in hot water you will to climb the new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari), bathing in hot spring clean and naturally in the slope of new volcano, spend the night in crater rim Timbanuh and climb to the south summit of Mount Rinjani.

hiking rinjani

From 2nd summit (south summit of Mt Rinjani)

Selecting this program at least you have to do the basic techniques of rock climbing, because some of the paths between the lake to the new volcano (Gunung Baru Jari) are required to climb the cliff and also climb the steep rock to crater rim (Pelawangan) Timbanuh.
Start from Sembalun village at 1,100 m asl towards Pelawangan 2,639 m asl for overnight and second day climb to the summit 3.726m asl then down to the lake 2,000m asl and overnight here. Day three to climb to new volcano Gunung Baru Jari, bathing in hot spring and overnight, then the fourth day climb to pelawangan Timbanuh 2.600m asl and camp here and on the fifth day climb to the top of the south summit of mt Rinjani 3.150m asl then down to the village of Timbanuh at 900m asl.

Recommended treks organizer for Package 5 days 4 nights Summit, lake, new volcano and crater rim Timbanuh :

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trek rinjani mountain

On campsite Timbanuh

Information Trekking Rinjani via Sembalun above may provide little additional information to you who have never climb Mount Rinjani and planning to climb this mountain can prepare and choose a program that matches with physical ability and time available, hopefully useful – have great adventure!

Hiking Mount Rinjani to crater rim Senaru 2641m above sea level 2 days 1 night from Senaru village at 601m is most in the interest tour of the hiker especially novice climbers.
Climbing trip usually starts from the Rinjani Trek Center Senaru in the morning, or the some hikers start at midnight from Senaru to perform rapid ascent can be done by a climber who has excellent physical ability.

mount rinjani trekking
Climbing from Rinjani Trek Center Senaru after registering your identity and pay the entrance fee for Mount Rinjani National Park. Travelling through thick tropical forest rich in flora, bird life and a variety of butterflies. After a 3 hour climb you will arrive in the post 2 Montong SATAS 1,500 m above sea level which is normally used for breaks. After the break continued to walk up a slightly steep for 2 hours to Pos 3 Mondokan Lolak 2,000 m above sea level for breaks and lunch.

After lunch and rest we will leave Pos 3 and climbed to 2.641m asl Pelawangan Senaru for 2 hours in an open field until Pelawangan Senaru.
Pelawangan of the most spectacular scenery after the peak. We will enjoy an incredible sunset over Mount Agung in Bali and the smoke of the new volcano to the lake Segara Anak we will camp here for the night.

hiking mount rinjani
The second day after breakfast and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Pelawangan Senaru and Rinjani volcano we will go down to the village of Senaru are usually for 5 hours will arrive in Senaru.

Accommodation in Senaru :

1. Shambhala Rinjani Homestay
The location this accommodation next to Rinjani Trek Centre Senaru about 50 meters on the trail to crater rim Senaru offer private room with hot shower.
2. Rinjani Base Camp Cottage.
Location before Sendang Gile waterfall Senaru 100 m on main road from Mataram, offer standard and deluxe room with hot shower.
3. Rinjani Homestay.
Location 200 m before Sindang Gile waterfall.

Trek Organizer :
In Senaru village easy and many of trek organizer will help you organize your trip to Mount Rinjani with different service and prices, but if you need personal service ( the owner will guide you to Mt Rinjani ) with good price we recommend some trek organizer :
1. Suni Trekker
2. Nabila Rinjani Adventure
3. Lhuna Adventure
4. Syam Trekker
5. Mangku Rinjani

If you need more information about trekking to Mount Rinjani hike, Trek Organizer or accommodation in Senaru village please contact us

Mount Rinjani Trekking can be done from several official ascent route such as Sembalun, Senaru and also of the latest ascent route Timbanuh village in East Lombok regency. Timbanuh villages are the closer route to climb to Mount Rinjani if you come from the Airport Praya Central of Lombok, Bus station at Sweta or Ferry harbour Lembar in West Lombok.

trekking rinjani

Hike through this route will pass through dense forests as Senaru path, crossing the river and will also pass through the savanna filled with edelweiss flowers ahead until at Pelawangan Timbanuh. Ascent through this route can climb to the 2nd summit of Mount Rinjani 3,150 meters above sea level, or we called the south peak also possible down to the lake of Segara Anak and climb to the new volcano Gunung Baru Jari. The travel time from Timbanuh to Pelawangan approximately 7 hours normal walk.

trek rinjani

Timbanuh village the start point and also a registration office to enter Mount Rinjani National Park located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, can be achieved from Mataram City or Airport Praya approximately 2.5 hours drive using private vehicle, while using public transportation from the direction of Mataram, the stop in Masbagik or Rempung, from this place could use motor bike taxi or a pick-up vehicle to the village of Timbanuh.

rinjani trekking info
Timbanuh route now available for mountaineers public facilities such as Mount Rinjani National Park office in the village of Timbanuh, pos (shelter) in some places between Timbanuh to Pelawangan. To overnight in the village can contact people around the the villageTimbanuh or stay at local government guesthouse located not far from the entrance gate to Mount Rinjani National Park.

Climbing Rinjani from Timbanuh for beginners should only until Pelawangan and to the South peak of Mount Rinjani, while to get down to the lake is still too risky, because the path down to the lake is steep down.

hot spring water

Hot healing water in slope new volcano

And if it should go down to the lake preferably do not to carry any burden on the shoulders of excessive to maintain the balance when down the cliff, and must be extra careful and should use the services of a guide or porter of Timbanuh or Tetebatu to help and for safety ascent to Mount Rinjani through Timba Noah, while colleagues from Club adventurer or Nature Lovers who love a challenge must remain vigilant when down the cliff from Pelawangan to Mount Baru because in these places often happened accident.

The treks is quite difficult and dangerous from Plawangan to the lake of Segara Anak according to what we can enjoy and get in the Lake of Segara Anak, such as beautiful scenery, can bathe in some hot tubs on the shore of the lake Segara Anak which absolutely natural and clean also can climb to the top of new volcano Gunung Baru Jari.