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Senaru village gate

How To Book Online Ticket E-Rinjani

Online booking for climbing Mount Rinjani through an application for prospective climbers of Mount Rinjani through official booking channels: Sembalun, Timbanuh, and Tetebatu in East Lombok, Aik Brik in Central Lombok, and Senaru and Torean in North Lombok Download the…

Trekking Sembalun

6 Hiking Trails to Mount Rinjani Lombok

Six (6) hiking trails to Mount Rinjani are officially opened by Mount Rinjani National Park: Sembalun, Tetebatu, and Timbanuh hiking trails, in East Lombok Regency. Torean and Senaru hiking trails, in North Lombok Regency, and Aik Berik hiking trails, in…


Mount Rinjani Hike In Lombok Indonesia

Oh, Mount Rinjani. I have so much to say. When I was traveling through Indonesia, a bunch of travelers recommended that I hike up Rinjani, although they warned me that the hike was hard. Hard doesn’t begin to describe it.…