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Sembalun Agro Villa, Hotel Near Mt Rinjani

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Sembalun Agro Villa is a hotel with modern architecture surrounded by orchards Stroberry, Apple and vegetables standing on a hill on the slopes of Rinjani mountain, precisely in the village Sembalun of Sembalun district, East Lombok regency, NTB.

Sembalon Agro Villa is a perfect place to rest peacefully, comfortably and away from the crowds, perfect for a family break while enjoying the cool and scenic mountains of the clean and beautiful mountains. ( the best villa to stay in Lombok )

Sembalun Agro Villa provides 4 Villa rooms, 6 Deluxe rooms and 6 standard rooms with private terrace in each room, with beautiful views of the fruit and vegetable garden around the rooms and direct views towards Rinjani mountain and Pergasingan mountain.

Located 500 meters to the west of Gunung Rinjani National Park Office on the edge of Sembalun Highway towards the village of Sajang has a restaurant that provides local cuisine Sasak Lombok, National cuisine as well as International cuisine and and various types of drinks and juices made from fresh fruits Which is newly picked from the garden in the hotel area.

24 hour security and reservation, spacious car parking area with friendly employees serving all your visiting needs or staying at Sembalun Agro Villa.

All bedrooms are equipped with widescreen TV facilities, hot water and other standard hotel facilities, for a terrace equipped with a set of seating to enjoy the surrounding natural scenery.

Room rates at Sembalun Agro Villa:
1. Standard Room: Rp. 450.000.-
2. Deluxe Room: Rp. 550.000.-
3. Villa Room: Rp. 650.000.-
Room rates include service, breakfast for 2 and taxes.

For reservations please go directly to the website Sembalun Agro Villa or contact the contact info below:

Sembalun Agro Villa
Pariwisata Street Sembalun East Lombok NTB
Mobile : XL 081 997 880 373 Or Simpati 085 337 770 606
E-mail :

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