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Tetebatu Trekking Rinjani to Crater Rim (Sangkareang Mountain)

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Tetebatu Trekking is to climb Mt Rinjani from Tetebatu village to Gunung Kondo (now Sangkareang mountain) located in Mount Rinjani National Park at an altitude of 2550 meters above sea level located at -8.453353, 116.410269 included in the area of ​​Tetebatu village, Sikur sub-district, East Lombok regency,

From this place we can see beautiful scenery towards Segara Anak lake, Mount Baru Jari and the top of Rinjani mountain, also from this place also can reach Segara Anak lake with travel time about 4 hours.

Tetebatu Trekking Rinjani

Day 1 Tetebatu Trekking Information

Ascent to Sangkareang mountain (crater Rim Tetebatu) starts from Tetebatu village in East Lombok from an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. The journey begins from Monkey forest (wilderness forest in Tetebatu which is inhabited by monkeys ).

Here we can see monkeys (monkeys) in a number of very many and from this place we can see clearly the mountain or Tetebatu Hill which became our goal.

After 30 minutes walking from the Monkey Forest we will enter a dense forest and the path we are through is new / natural and feels cool as many hot sun trees are blocked by dense bridges and not felt. After traveling 1 hour 30 minutes we arrived at the first resting place commonly called the Dutch Cottage (probably used to be used by Dutch soldiers to rest before continuing the ascent to Lake Segara Anak).

After enough rest we continue the journey and after 15 minutes walk we enter the meadow and in this place we can see the villagers far behind us and Rinjani mountain in front stands majestically.

And after 1 hour 30 minutes we leave the Netherlands Pondok we come to the second row of the Cemara Baris and for lunch.

After the break and lunch we will continue our journey to campsite on 2800 meters above sea level and the journey is quite steep so reach the campsite after 2 hours from Cemara Baris, and in this place we set up a tent for Place of rest and overnight.

Day 2 Trekking Tetebatu Crater Rim

Early morning next day at 5.00 am after light breakfast we will start to climb the top of Sangkareang mountain ( crater rim Tetebatu 3.100 masl ) for one hour, and from the top we can see the beautiful view of Mount Rinjani, Lake and new volcano.

For Tetebatu trekking please contact Trek Organizer in Tetebatu village; Jaya Trekker

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