Beautiful View on Pergasingan Hill Sembalun

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Camping, Hiking and Trekking Pergasingan Hill Sembalun Lombok. The beauty of Mount Pergasingan of Sembalun which is a Natural Park with an altitude of 1670 meters from sea level is already famous throughout the archipelago, this tourist park is a hill located in the north of Sembalun village, Sembalun district, East Lombok.

Pergasingan is taken from the word -Gasing – because this hill has a history to be used for play the Gasing game by the Sembalun people.

Sembalun Pergasingan Hill now has become a Natural Park which is visited by many local and overseas tourists because of its location close to Sembalun and has beautiful scenery can be enjoyed from this hill, starting from camping Groundnya, the beauty of the sunrise and sunsetnya and not to be missed again the colorful expanse of rice fields and Sembalun village with the background of the towering mountain Rinjani will never be forgotten for those of you who have climbed this hill.

You can climb this hill by foot from Sembalun with normal climbing time of 2 to 2.5 hours to the peak, this hill often used as a training ground before climbing Mount Rinjani, even now this hill has been utilized as Extreme sport start npoint for extreme sport like Paralayang, Mountain bikes and more.

Pergasingan Hill is referred to as the Paradise of the photographer because the view from this hill is beautiful as painting.

Most visitors who come to this hill are students and nature lovers who take advantage of the weekend, and hill pergasingan suitable as a place to learn about the real nature, because we can find thousands of species of flora and fauna.

For the climbers , Adventurers and nature lovers or anyone who will climb to Rinjani mountain or visit Sembalun, you must take a moment To climb and camp in this beautiful Pergasingan Hill and see the scenery you cannot found elsewhere and do not forget to bring your garbage back.

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