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Tour to Pink Beach Lombok Island

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Pink Beach Lombok or Tangsi Beach in East Lombok one of the best family destinations that you should visit if a vacation to the island of Lombok. Named pink beach because the color of the sand reddish or Pink colored. The beach is located in a small village district Sekaroh, Jerowaru East Lombok and currently, the road infrastructure to get there is being improved in order to be adequate as a tourist destination that began many visited by tourists.

One thing that became the attraction of the Pink beach is pink sand that only two beaches in Indonesia are Pink sand beaches and one is located on the island of Komodo NTT. When viewed closely, the actual color of real white sand, because it is mixed with pieces of pink coral crushed, the natural procession along with the coral and fragments then merge and form a pink, especially when exposed to seawater and exposed to sunlight than the pink color Which is obvious.

In addition to the typical pink color, this beach also has stunning natural scenery such as cliffs of very beautiful rock. Berugak or seating has been provided for tourists to enjoy the expanse of the sea. The view from the top of the cliff will also fascinate with the beautiful panorama below the cliff. The distinctive aroma of seawater, stroking the wind, and the sound of the waves hitting the reef make anyone who visits here the heart becomes calm.

To reach the Pink Beach Lombok takes 2.5 hours from Mataram City or 2 hours from Praya Airport, a considerable distance with road conditions that are under repair when we visit. The path to Pink beach from Mataram or Airport Praya is to the east of Keruak village and turn right into Jerowaru village then you can follow the road directions at each intersection clearly displayed in Pink Beach’s writing. Have a good vacation

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