How To Book Online Ticket E-Rinjani

Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR = Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani) requires the climbers of Mount Rinjani 3,726 masl to make an online booking through the E-Rinjani application at:
1. Play Store: Download here
2. Website : Click here
Online booking for climbing Mount Rinjani through an application for prospective climbers of Mount Rinjani through official booking channels: Sembalun, Timbanuh, and Tetebatu in East Lombok, Aik Brik in Central Lombok, and Senaru and Torean in North Lombok

Here we summarize how to book Mount Rinjani online:
Download the application on the Play Store or visit the TNGR website at the link listed above then fill in the data in the form provided according to the date and time of climbing, route, number of participants, and click check quota.

If a quota is available according to the date, route, and number of participants, then fill in the data for each participant using an ID card for Indonesian residents or a Passport for participants from abroad.

After filling in the data in the E-Rinjani form, you will receive a number of bills that must be paid with the addition of a few rupiahs in the last three digits for automatic verification.

Make a payment of a number of bills with the correct nominal, if necessary upload proof of payment for more complete proof of verification, and wait a few minutes for tickets to be downloaded.

If you need help booking tickets on E-Rinjani, please contact us for assistance.

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