Hiking Mt. Rinjani to Crater rim Senaru

senaru rim

Senaru Rinjani Trekking: Hiking Rinjani to Pelawangan Senaru 2 days 1-night program starting from Senaru village at 601 meters above sea level to the auction of Senaru 2,641 m above sea level is the most program in interest by climbers especially beginner climber.

The climbing trip usually starts from Rinjani Trek Center Senaru in the morning, or many climbers start from Senaru at night to do a quick climb that can be done by climbers who have excellent physical ability.

The climb starts from the Rinjani Trek Center Senaru after registering the name and paying the entrance fee of the Mount Rinjani Marine Park. The journey through the dense tropical forest is rich in flora, birdlife, and various butterflies. After 3 hours of climbing, you will arrive at the post 2 Montong Satas 1,500 m above sea level which is usually used for a break. After the break continues the climb a little steep for 2 hours to Post 3 Mondokan Lolak 2.000 m asl for rest and lunch.

After lunch and enough rest, we will leave Pos 3 and go to Pelawangan Senaru 2,641m above sea level for 2 hours in an open field until Pelawangan Senaru.

From this Pelawangan you can see the most spectacular scenery after the summit. We will enjoy a magnificent sunset over Mount Agung in Bali and the smoke from the new Segara Anak Lake new volcano. We will camp here overnight.

The second day after breakfast and satisfied to enjoy the beautiful scenery from Senaru crater rim and descend to Senaru village which usually for 5 hours will arrive in Senaru.

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