Syam Trekker, Best Mount Rinjani Travel Agency

As the second-highest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is a popular destination for those who love hiking and adventure. Located on the island of Lombok, the adventure to Mount Rinjani will be full of excitement that will never be forgotten for life!

However, it is always best to prepare before you climb it. Trekking to Mount Rinjani is known as a challenging adventure, it would be better to keep fit physically when you get there. In addition, organize trekking trips with local climbing operators who know the routes very well. This will always avoid unnecessary incidents in your adventure.

As a licensed Tour & Travel company in Senaru Village, Syam Trekker provides Rinjani Mountain organizing services including setting up experienced guides and porters and providing information on safe climbing.

After you contact Syam Trekker, you can organize your adventure trips with available packages or you can plan your own ascent Desired. As experienced tour operators, they prepare safe ascent and service quality as their primary responsibility. With adventure activities, you are sure to have a good experience when you use the services of Sham Trekker to explore Mount Rinjani. Visit to read more details and information on how to plan your adventure to Mount Rinjani safely and frugally.

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