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New! 6 Hiking Trails Mount Rinjani

Six hiking trails to Mount Rinjani are officially opened: Sembalun, Tete Batu, and Timbanuh hiking trails, in East Lombok Regency, Torean and Senaru hiking trails, in North Lombok Regency, and Aik Berik hiking trails, in Central Lombok Regency.

Each route has set a maximum limit for the number of tourists who will climb. For example, the Sembalun and Senaru hiking trails each have 75 people per day or 50 percent of the total visiting capacity.

Meanwhile, the Timbanuh and Aik Berik hiking trails have a maximum of 50 people per day. Meanwhile, the two new hiking trails, namely Torean and Tete Batu, only have a maximum of 30 people per day.

Every tourist who will go on a hike is required to buy tickets online through the e-Rinjani application which can be downloaded through the Playstore.

BTNGR (Balai Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani) also applies a health protocol, namely that every climber must have his body temperature checked, wear a mask, and climbers from outside NTB must show a Covid-19 free certificate.

In addition to climbing tours, BTNGR also continues to open eight non-climbing natural tourist destinations within the Mount Rinjani National Park area.

The eight non-climbing natural attractions are Otak Kokok Waterfall, Jeruk Manis Waterfall, Mayung Polak Waterfall, Mangku Sakti Waterfall, Kukus Mountain, Blue Lake, Sebau, and Propok Savanna.

Visitors are also required to apply health protocols, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, or using hand sanitizers.